Honoured 🙏 My gorgeous friend, Spiridoula @m3rakimou was

9/7/2021, 9:57:43 AM
Honoured 🙏 My gorgeous friend, Spiridoula @m3rakimou was commissioned to develop and create an illustration for an Orthodox group of women writing an Orthodox cookbook @platedcharm . The criteria was simple; a family preparing dinner. Spiridoula chose to include me and my family in this illustration. Although we’ve never met and live on opposite ends of the Earth, we’ve built a lovely friendship through this platform and I am so truly honoured she thought of me. This is exactly how I envision my family in the future 🙏. Spiridoula is such a talented woman, I admire her passion for early Orthodox education and of course her meraki. Thank you, Spirdoula mou 💐💐💐 @m3rakimou . #maryskouzina #m3rakimou #family #love #food #cooking #orthodox #art

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