Quiiick and Eeasy Breakfast (5mn) 👌 1️⃣First toast was topped

12/14/2021, 6:01:26 PM
Quiiick and Eeasy Breakfast (5mn) 👌 1️⃣First toast was topped with cherry tomatoes, the second one with avocado and everything was sprinkled with chili flakes 🍞🌶 So good!! And I also felt like having raspberries, so added a few on the side of my plate 🤗 2️⃣Today it was this amazing combo!! 👆🏼 Hard boiled eggs, tomato, whole grain toasts - one topped with avocado and the other one topped with smoked salmon 🍅🥑🤩 I sprinkled my both toasts with trader joe's seasoning and it was so good!! 😍 3️⃣Fluffy egg omelette sprinkled with chili flakes, whole grain toast with avocado and strawberries 🍓🥑🍳 Perfect combination 🤩🤗 4️⃣One fried egg, mashed sweet potato sprinkled with chili flakes and avocado 🍳🥑🍠🤗 I slept in and had to go for a quick option. It took me only a few minutes to prepare it. It was actually a pretty good pre-workout meal 💪🏼😍 As there was not enough protein in it, I fueled my body with whey protein right after my session. The full meal with 30g portion of whey protein was 454 calories with 34P, 38C and 18F. 5️⃣One fried egg, one toast topped with peanut butter, champignons, strawberries, grapes and avocado sprinkled with chili flakes 🥑🍇😍 6️⃣Three types of toast toppings: • crispy fried egg • avocado sprinkled with chili flakes • cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes 😁🤤 ✓By @nessasphere 🖤

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