You want a veggie Bowl? And you are confused 🤔,,Ok I got

12/23/2021, 6:26:59 PM
You want a veggie Bowl? And you are confused 🤔,,Ok I got it,,So I brought this Amazing 5 Bowls that you can make one or whatever you want ❤️ your fv 1,2,3,4,5? 1️⃣👉 All I did was add minced garlic & sesame oil to a pan to sauté and then add in the veggies(I used broccoli, squash, red bell pepper, snap peas, zucchini & onion) + s&p, red pepper flakes. I had some chicken that I had cooked up already so I added that once everything was finished sautéing💯loaded it up on a bunch of greens, added some avocado + sesame seeds & cilantro 🙃 2️⃣👉 Sweet potatoes + brussel sprouts + onion + chicken sausage + avocado. greens on the bottom & drizzled with jalapeño sauce 😋 3️⃣Massaged kale (with olive oil, lemon & salt/pepper) + sautéed sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts + chicken with seasoning salute + red bell pepper +pumpkin seeds & avocado 🤗 4️⃣👉 Throw some veggies on a pan with some chicken sausage & bake it, top with a yummy sauce( I love the jalapeño one from trader joes💃🏻) & throw it on some greens with avocado💯 so good 😍 5️⃣👉 Organic red lentil pasta,,cook it according to package and then toss noodles with @chosenfoods avocado oil + sea salt + pepper & red pepper flakes on the stove on low. sauté mushrooms in another pan & then add all on top of a bowl of greens. top off with some vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto..🤤 ✓By @onebalancedlife 🖤

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